We Now Accept Cashless Payment using CurrenSeekPay

We are excited to announce a new service in our efforts to make currency exchange easier for you. In partnership with CurrenSeek, we’ve rolled out a new payment system whereby you can simply pay Ringgits to us electronically using your Internet Banking account.

So no more hunt high and low for ATMs, risk your safety when you can pay for your foreign currency notes securely and conveniently using CurrenSeekPay.

All you need is an internet banking account with any Malaysian bank to pay us. Just visit our stores, scan the QR code sticker on our windows’ counter and then pay us quickly, easily and securely, on the spot!

Here are the steps to pay us easily and securely:

  1. Confirm the amount you need to exchange with our staff 
  2. Scan the QR code (using the camera on iPhone or an app for Android e.g., bit.ly/cspayqr).
  3. Confirm the branch is correct and enter the amount you’ve agreed to pay.
  4. Sign in or enter your email address to get payment status notification.
  5. Select your preferred bank and you will be directed to the Internet banking log-in page.
  6. Log in, check the final amount again and and complete your bank’s authorisation process (e.g., TAC Request).
  7. Show the proof of payment to our staff to proceed with the currency exchange.

 List of supported internet banking services


I was always worried about going to ATMs a few times before exchanging my money. Now with CurrenSeekPay, i can come straight to you and pay directly using my RHBNow. How convenient!

– Max Teh


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